Resources for Court Professionals


Veterans Day Toolkit - Ensure your program recieves media attention on Veterans Day

Throughout November Justice For Vets is encouraging all Veterans Treatment Courts to reach out to their communities and local media. This is the perfect time to tell the story of the incredible transformation brought about every day in Veterans Treatment Court. Download your toolkit to get started.


Dispatch From the Front Lines - Resource Publications on Key Issues Facing Veterans Treatment Courts

Dispatch from the Front Lines is a publication offered by Justice For Vets to assist existing and future Veterans Treatment Courts on a variety of topics to include Veteran Mentors, working with Veterans Service Organizations, partnering with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and State Veterans Agencies, as well as other policy related topics. Read Dispatch from the Front Lines.


The National Mentor Corps - Volunteer Veteran Mentors in Veterans Treatment Court

No bond is as strong as the one that exists among those who have fought for their country.  Volunteer Veteran Mentors in Veterans Treatment Courts come to the aid of their fellow veterans who are struggling and in need.  This opportunity allows veterans in court to interact with their peers, and connect to the many local, state and federal resources that are available.  Learn more.


Mentor Court Program - Apply to visit one of four Mentor Veterans Treatment Courts

Jurisdictions across the nation have the opportunity to learn from one of four nationally recognized Veterans Treatment Courts to learn from the experts what it takes to implement one of these life saving programs.  Individuals are given the opportunity to interact with judges, Veteran Mentors, prosecutors, treatment providers and other team members vital to the success of Veterans Treatment Courts. Read more or signup to visit a Mentor Court.


Veterans Treatment Court Planning Initiative - Comprehensive Veterans Treatment Court Training

The Veterans Treatment Court Planning Initiative is designed to assist jurisdictions in the planning and development of a Veterans Treatment Court.  This training arms Veterans Treatment Courts with the technical assistance, guidance and resources to successfully implement one of these programs. Learn more.



The widespread growth and early success of Veterans Treatment Courts has led many states to introduce bills pertaining to justice-involved veterans and Veterans Treatment Courts. We stand ready to assist state legislators and policy makers with Veterans Treatment Court legislation.  Read some examples of current state legislation or contact us for assistance.


Studies and Statistics

As Veterans Treatment Courts expand across the nation, it is vital Veterans Treatment Court professionals and those engaged with justice-involved veterans stay informed and up to date with the latest studies and statistics. Learn more.


Further Reading

Veterans Treatment Courts utilize various partners at the local, state and federal level.  From the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to the U.S. Department of Labor and State Departments of Veterans Affairs, each organization is vital to the sustainability of these programs.

Veterans Service Organizations and Veteran Mentors connect veterans in court to the many local, state and federal benefits and services they have earned.  Learn more.