Veteran Mentor Corps Bootcamp

On December 4, 2013 the first Justice For Vets Mentor Corps Boot Camp concluded with a swearing in ceremony for 89 volunteer veterans during the closing of Vet Court Con. The Justice For Vets Mentor Corps Boot Camp is the only national program that trains volunteer veterans to serve as mentors in Veterans Treatment Court.

Mentors who participated in the Boot Camps learned best practices to the make their VTC Veteran Mentor program the best it can be; how to effectively work with Veteran Participants in a VTC; their roles and responsibilities as Veteran Mentors; the issues facing justice-involved veterans; and how to connect Veteran Participants to the local, state and national benefits they have earned.

Watch the Swearing-In

During the swearing in each veteran mentor recited the Justice For Vets Mentor Corps oath:

I am forever conscious of each veteran under my charge, and by example will inspire him or her  to the highest standard possible.
I will strive to reintegrate my veteran back into society.

I will live by the credo “leave no veteran behind” and will give them the support only I, a veteran can give.

I will never forget that I am responsible to my fellow veterans, the Veterans Treatment Court program and the law.

Stay tuned for an announcement about how you can attend the next Justice For Vets Mentor Corps Boot Camp.Buffalo VTC Mentor Coordinator Jack O'Connor and Matt Stiner, the first Director of Justice For Vets

“Veteran Mentors are the hallmark of Veterans Treatment Courts and as the coordinator of the nation’s first Veteran Mentor program, there is without a doubt a need for comprehensive mentor training.  I am proud to work with Justice For Vets to develop this one-of-a-kind training and strongly encourage all Veterans Treatment Courts to send as many mentors as possible to the Bootcamp”

 -Jack O’Connor-Buffalo VTC Veteran Mentor Coordinator