Honored Sponsors and Supporters

Justice For Vets is honored to have the support of the nation's most respected veterans and criminal justice organizations.  If your organization is interested in publicly supporting Justice For Vets and Veterans Treatment Courts, please email us.


Honored Sponsors


Got Your 6


Got Your 6 is a nonprofit campaign that believes veterans are leaders, team builders, and problem solvers who have the unique potential to strengthen communities across the country. www.gotyour6.org


Honored Supporters


 The American Legion

"Justice For Vets serves as the National Clearinghouse for Veterans Treatment Courts and ensures Veterans Treatment Courts receive the proper training and technical assistance to be successful." Download Resolution



AMVETS (American Veterans)

"Veterans Treatment Courts are hybrid Drug Courts and Mental Health Courts and have evolved out of the growing need for a treatment court model designed specifically for justice-involved veterans to maximize efficiency and economize resources while making use of the distinct military culture consistent among veterans."  Download Resolution.


Blue Star Mothers of America, Inc.

"Our Mothers give perfectly healthy children to the service of our country and often receive back a child who is broken and in great need of care.  This Nation owes a tremendous debt to those who served in the defense of our freedoms.  When veterans go astray they deserve the opportunity for treatment and restoration in a Veterans Treatment Court." Download Resolution



 The Chance Phelps Foundation

"Justice For Vets, the National Clearinghouse for Veterans Treatment Courts unconditionally supports our nation’s heroes who struggle with drug and alcohol abuse suffering from mental health issues.  This patriotic organization is working with states across the nation to set up these life-saving programs in place to assist our veterans."


  DAV (Disabled American Veterans)

"Grouping troubled veterans together within specific court dockets expedites access to helpful resources and promotes the camaraderie and mutual support found amongst all veterans."  Download Resolution

Marine Corps League

"Veterans deeply value their military experience and share an inimitable bond among their peers and Veterans Treatment Courts build upon this camaraderie by allowing participants to go through the treatment court process with people who are similarly situated and have common past experiences, and pair veterans with volunteer veteran mentors." Download Resolution


Military Families United

"Brave men and women who wear our Nation’s uniform often return home with injuries that we cannot see from the outside. PTSD and TBI can lead to substance abuse, mental illness and suicide among the veteran community. Veterans Treatment Courts provide much needed assistance and support to veterans who are faced with the often grueling and frustrating court system."  Download Resolution


National Association of State Directors of Veterans Affairs

"Establishing a Veterans Treatment Court provides a pragmatic and cost effective program that will offer the men and women who served this Country the opportunity for the treatment they deserve without compromising the safety of the citizens we serve." Download Resolution


Veterans of Foreign Wars

"The VFW at its essence is about taking care of veterans, our service members, and all their families.  Helping to ensure their unique service to our nation is also recognized by the judicial system is a program we wholeheartedly support."  Download Resolution.




The American Bar Association

"The American Bar Association urges state, local, and territorial courts to facilitate the development of Veterans Treatment Courts, including but not limited to, specialized court calendars or the expansion of available resources within existing civil and criminal court models focused on treatment-oriented proceedings." Download Resolution


American Judges Association

"The American Judges Association supports the continued growth of Veterans Treatment Courts as a vital court model for best serving this nation’s justice-involved veterans in need of treatment and restoration and will work with Justice For Vets to this end." Download Resolution.


The National District Attorneys Association

"The National District Attorneys Association endorses the establishment and funding of Veterans Courts and programs.  This Nation owes an incalculable debt to those who have served in the defense of our freedoms.  When veterans go astray they deserve every reasonable effort to get them back to where they began; clean, sober and on the right side of the law." Download Resolution


The National Sheriff's Association

"The exceptional efforts of Veterans Treatment Courts will provide invaluable service and assistance to our brave military men and women in need and help to break the cycle of recidivism. We are proud to express our strong support for Veterans Treatment Courts and look forward to working with Justice For Vets to increase awareness of these courts nationwide." Download Resolution